Get SOC 2 compliant without breaking your stride

Impanix allows you to associate risks with SOC2 controls, and automates the compliance process so that you can easily pass your SOC2 audit.

Centralized risk visibility
Continuous compliance monitoring
Proactive alerting
Over 1 Million compliance checks evaluated every month

Audit with ease using our powerful platform.

Impanix makes it easier for you to comply with SOC 2 standards by providing an automated compliance platform and experienced auditors. Our onboarding process is simple and efficient, so you can get your SOC 2 certification quickly.

Conducting regular tests to ensure SOC 2 compliance

With Impanix, quickly connect to the cloud services, identity providers, task trackers, and more that you use most often. Automate the complex and tedious work of gathering evidence for security audits so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Impanix runs hourly checks on your system, ensuring you remain compliant and simplifying the annual renewal process.

Succeed without stopping

One-on-one implementation management with compliance experts.

Baked-in MDM for entity health checks ensures that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

A compliance and audit dashboard that consolidates all your data in one place.

System description and policy templates that you can use immediately.

SOC2-compliant security training modules integrated into the platform.

Improve ratings by using our secure, efficient workflow management system.

Scale success, not busywork

Impanix is designed to accommodate exceptions and edge cases so that compliance is less of a headache.

Impanix grows with you as your needs change, effortlessly integrating new entities, applications, or frameworks.

By having Impanix run continuously in the background, you’re not only meeting compliance standards, but always exceeding them.

“What took consultants 4-6 months, Impanix got done in a few weeks! It almost felt too easy.”

Sothary Ngeth, Business and People Ops

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Use Impanix to centralize security compliance management – so nothing
gets in the way of your moving up and winning big.