Fast-Track your compliances 

Impanix helps small and mid-sized businesses get complaint with SOC, HIPAA, ISO 27001 & GDPR. We are simple, fast, affordable and precise. 

Compliance ready in 40 hours

Automated Approval

Auditors Choice

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Streamlined controls to get you compliant in 40 hours

With over 40+ policy templates, 100+ document templates and a structured way of assigning compliance owners – compliance becomes a breeze. 

Simplify security compliance & make it easy

Impanix eases the pressure and prevents burnout from the complex process of understanding security compliances by offering pre-approved, auditor-grade compliance programs that can be launched with just a few clicks.

Regular way

High touch

While most security compliance software simply outlines what needs to be done, using the program & achieving results typically requires time, effort, & dedication on your part.


Many information security software applications fail to effectively match tasks and technology, resulting in excessive focus on tasks and reduced productivity.

Limited support

When working with traditional software providers, selecting the appropriate solution for your company can be a task-heavy process, involving research and consideration of various options.


Impanix way

Low touch

Impanix stands out from other sites that merely provide instructions by offering adaptive and automated capabilities, relieving you of worries and ensuring audit-friendliness.


Impanix simplifies task and technology management, using a tiered system to populate tasks and ensure compliance with the latest priorities.

Expert Support

Impanix guarantees that your company will be in compliance with auditing standards from day one, providing expert guidance and working closely with you throughout the process.

"Typically, it takes consultants 4-6 months to accomplish what Impanix achieved in just a few weeks - it was remarkably effortless."

Sothary Ngeth, Business and People Ops

How Impanix works

3 steps to success

Impanix allows you to put your security compliance program on autopilot. It seamlessly integrates with your cloud, maps entity-level controls, consolidates risk, and performs automated checks. It also prompts remediation and ensures compliance in real-time, providing a hassle-free experience.


Impanix collaborates with your cloud setup to identify entity-level controls, identify gaps, and implement measures to address them. You can configure automated checks and provisions for edge cases from the beginning, ensuring a thorough and efficient approach to security compliance.


Impanix is the ideal tool for monitoring entity-level controls against compliance frameworks. It automatically prompts corrective actions and captures compliance evidence in an audit-friendly manner.


Impanix allows you to effortlessly connect with an accredited auditor from our partner network or use an existing partner. Bid farewell to coordination chaos and send compliance evidence instantly to the requester via your dashboard.

Compliance stack for the win

Partner with professionals from the beginning

At Impanix, we understand that compliance is not just about the technical aspects but also the people involved in it. Our team of experts provides comprehensive services, including risk assessment and audit advisory, to ensure a successful transition into compliance. We are available 18 hours a day across multiple time zones, providing reliable and responsive support.

   Quality of Support

Don't rely on one-time audits, make security compliance the standard for your business with Impanix.

In today’s fast-evolving technology landscape, companies that want to stay ahead of the game must move quickly. However, as risks increase with high stakes, ensuring continuous compliance is critical to preventing any slowdown. Impanix was designed precisely for this purpose – to help your company grow and scale quickly and seamlessly while maintaining compliance at all times.

Hotwire success

Compliance is a critical aspect of modern business operations as it provides legitimacy and confidence to stakeholders. It also demonstrates maturity and resilience in the face of risks and challenges. Impanix was specifically designed to help businesses in this regard by promoting behaviors that reduce risk and enable companies to grow quickly while maintaining compliance at all times.

Automated compliance

One of the key features that sets Impanix apart is its adaptive automation capabilities. Impanix is able to carry out different workflows, policy templates, and training modules for various security compliance frameworks

Expert-led implementation

Impanix’s compliance experts will guide you through every step of platform implementation, key tasks, and important milestones. This way, you can be sure that your security is maximized and your audits will be successful.

100% async audit

With Impanix, you can connect with an auditor directly from your dashboard. The platform automatically collects audit evidence in an approved manner, so you can complete audits quickly and efficiently.

Widest compliance coverage

No other software in the market offers supports for as many security compliances as Impanix does. It is designed such that you can easily monitor multiple compliances at once.

Cloud expertise

Impanix was created specifically for cloud-based companies that are growing quickly and need to maintain security compliance. With its pre-approved security compliance programs, Impanix offers comprehensive protection.

Maximum integrations

Most businesses use cloud services, and Impanix is compatible with many of them. It integrates easily, eliminates barriers to mapping controls, and provides security checkpoints for thorough risk assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with Impanix, schedule a meeting with our sales team who will give you a comprehensive tour of the platform and explain its features in detail. Once you become a customer, we’ll assign a dedicated expert who will assist you in scoping out your compliance program(s) to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Impanix ensures the privacy and security of your data by only reading and analyzing the information you grant it access to. The platform integrates with your business systems through read-only API access, which allows it to monitor configurations without accessing any sensitive data.

Impanix is built to assist you in preparing for an audit swiftly and ensuring a favorable result. The platform’s integration with your systems allows for the deployment of automated checks, continuous monitoring of controls, and the prompt resolution of security issues before they escalate into compliance problems

Impanix is a software provider that offers specialized security compliance and automation solutions tailored for cloud companies. With Impanix, you can establish a comprehensive compliance program and monitor all aspects of your company’s compliance from a single, user-friendly dashboard. The platform also enables you to conduct automated checks and provides tools to remediate any security issues before they turn into compliance problems. When you’re audit-ready, Impanix can connect you with an auditor from their network of internationally accredited partners.

Traditional methods of establishing a security compliance program can be expensive, but with Impanix, you can achieve compliance at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the platform automates the collection of audit evidence, which saves you time and effort. With its robust automated compliance capabilities, Impanix eliminates the need for manually managing compliance programs, monitoring risks, and maintaining successful audits. In short, by using Impanix, you can save both time and money, while ensuring your business is in compliance.

Impanix’s annual license fee is tailored to fit the needs of your business, and is determined by factors such as the size and geographical distribution of your company and its related entities, as well as the complexity of your infrastructure. Our pricing model is designed to be flexible and transparent, ensuring that you only pay for the features and services that you need. Contact our sales team to get a customized quote today!

Impanix: The Missing Piece to Your Success

Impanix makes it easy for you to manage security compliance, allowing you to focus on your business’s growth and success.