Impanix specializes in helping cloud companies achieve security compliances

Impanix offers a platform that enables you to monitor entity-level risks and controls from a unified dashboard, irrespective of your cloud configuration. Our platform sets high-security standards, making it easy for you to comply, cultivate robust operational practices, and scale your business without worry. Good security practices are crucial for demonstrating that your cloud company can handle substantial projects.

Impanix named Category Leader by G2

Impanix simplifies HIPAA compliance for technology companies by integrating with commonly used business tools. Gain a better understanding of your organization’s unique HIPAA requirements and the necessary steps to demonstrate compliance.

Impanix can help you reduce evidence collection time by up to 85%, enabling your staff to focus on sales.

Impanix is trusted by hundreds of rapidly expanding cloud companies to manage their security compliance and audits.

Founder’s best friend, providing the necessary compliance to demonstrate product maturity and business legitimacy swiftly. This is crucial for founders seeking to secure deals.

Impanix’s emphasis on integration is appreciated by engineers, who can automate tasks and allocate their time to other areas of product development.

Auditors value Impanix for providing them with the precise evidence they require to verify your company’s compliance, saving them significant time and effort.

“Impanix's platform provides automatic monitoring of controls and this allows us to effectively manage any issues discovered. Because of this...we saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in costs.”

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